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▪ Intellilink connects your smartphone (iOS or Android) with your car ▪ You can get easily connected via USB or Bluetooth® ▪ Use the intuitive interface control or just your voice (iOS) ▪ Access all your important smartphone functions like music and messages easily with your Intellilink ▪ Experience our innovative Opel Apps: BringGo , TuneIn and Stitcher


BringGo A European navigation system, based upon 3-D maps, traffic information in real time, BringGo extended functionality including further route display and a local Google search facility are also provided and controlled via the IntelliLink touch screen. Stitcher™ A leading product in the field of Internet radio, Stitcher™ enables a massive choice of on-demand programming including political, business and sports news and entertainment. TuneIn With TuneIn the customer has access to a worldwide network of over 100.000 mainstream and Internet radio stations covering music, news, sports and other on-demand subjects such as podcasts, concerts and interviews.