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SUV a crossovery Opel

Design, jízdní dynamika a všestrannost: to jsou hlavní důvody oblíbenosti vozů SUV. USV a crossovery značky Opel se vyznačují výrazným designem, inovacemi, chytrou bezpečností a smyslem pro dobrodružství. Vyberte si to své.

Mokka X

The x-tra SUV feeling

City, country, on- or off-road. The dynamic and stylish MOKKA X offers you the refined features and premium-class innovations of a full-on SUV – just about anywhere.  Více informací Zobrazit Méně

Crossland X

It's a good Life

Designed for you. Work time, downtime, we time, me time … the Crossland X is ready for anything thanks to its exceptional flexibility, class-leading innovations & crisp SUV design.

Grandland X

Welcome back - adventures

For adventures in the everyday: The dynamic SUV combines great looks with cutting-edge innovations and a premium feel.

ADAM rocks

Customized fun

The stylish and muscular city-crossover ADAM ROCKS is ready for any adventure – with an unlimited selection of designs and features.  Více informací Zobrazit Méně


Live a little wild

Fearless, stylish and packed with high-tech features – our most compact and budget-friendly crossover combines the design of an SUV with advanced safety and first-class equipment. Více informací Zobrazit Méně